Ben Yehuda Studio

art treasures from the Land of Milk and Honey, by a man who seeks memorable beauty in his art and profound peace in his lifestyle. Such a man is Yitzhak Ben Yehuda, Cairo-born, educated in Switzerland and England, and currently living in central Israel.


Clearly artistic from an early age, he ventured into the creative side of London’s advertising world, leaving it soon after, in order to create a line of very successful children’s posters.

Eventually he settled in Israel. Finding inspiration in the landscape and biblical themes, he fixed on canvas paintings that quickly established his reputation. He accepted an invitation to exhibit at the prestigious Lucien Krief gallery, along side Y.Agam, M.Castel and Ruben Rubin.

He later set out on his own for New York and Paris, to meet important collectors in person. His mosaic of styles, in portraiture, murals, as well as sought after Ketubot, endeared him to patrons from Sydney to Singapore, Paris to Berlin.

In these ethnic symbolist paintings, i hope to do justice to the artist who most influenced my work, the late great Paul Cezanne. I attempt, like him, through the use of subtle chromatic correspondence, to create a richly bonded gathering echo of form and color. I seek to convey a state of grace in colors you might say.